Enhance Profitability and Streamline Operations with Atlantic Billing Solutions Dental Billing Expertise.

Our primary goal is to ensure the seamless operation of your practice. As a leading dental billing services provider, we are dedicated to enabling you to maintain excellence in dentistry while removing the concerns related to cash flow.

Dental billing is inherently complex due to the frequent alterations in payer policies and fee structures. Atlantic Billing Solutions stands out as a top-tier dental billing company in the nation, offering a comprehensive range of outsourced dental billing services. We are committed to assisting you in claim submissions, ultimately optimizing the efficiency of your dental practice.

Our dental billing professionals boast extensive experience in collaborating with both large and small dental offices. They remain vigilant in staying current with evolving laws, medical coding, billing regulations, and payer policies. This dedication ensures that dental practices achieve billing compliance, streamline revenue cycle management, and secure prompt and maximum reimbursements.”

At Atlantic Billing Solutions, we handle your dental insurance billing process with efficiency, relieving your clinical and non-clinical staff from any stress. Our devoted dental billing team is here to optimize your billing processes, ultimately boosting your cash flow and elevating patient satisfaction.

Flexible pricing options

Atlantic Billing Solutions provides adaptable pricing models that can be fully tailored to meet the unique requirements of your practice.

Fixed Cost Pricing

Similar to having a dedicated full-time employee solely focused on your practice. Ideal for busy practices, this arrangement functions as an extension of your business.

Benefits include:

  • A dedicated employee or team member exclusively for your practice.
  • Capability to manage multiple responsibilities efficiently.
  • Clear preset pricing and production guidelines.
  • No upfront startup fees.

Per Transaction Pricing

which is an excellent choice for practices uncertain about their workload needs. This model offers per-request pricing for services such as eligibility verification and other functions.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A dedicated team or employee ready to tackle various responsibilities.
  • A per transaction or hybrid pricing structure.
  • No initial startup fees.
  • Payment based on actual worked time.

Our End-to-End Dental Billing Services

Atlantic Billing Solutions offers a complete range of dental billing services that encompass the entire process. Our services include patient scheduling, insurance verification and authorization, billing, payment collection, and accounts receivable management.

By your dental billing to Atlantic Billing Solutions, you can reduce the expenses associated with maintaining an in-house team for these responsibilities. This also allows your front desk staff to focus on addressing patient needs.

Patient Enrolment

When you choose Atlantic Billing Solutions for dental billing, you can streamline your patient enrollment process. Our team is adept at managing the enrollment of both new and existing patients. We meticulously verify demographic information, including insurance details, and ensure that all essential information is accurately captured.

Appointment Scheduling

When you entrust your appointment scheduling to Atlantic Billing Solutions, our team takes care of managing follow-up appointments, rescheduling, and ensuring that your dental office can concentrate on its core priorities. Our outsourced team possesses a deep understanding of dentistry and dental treatment procedures, enabling us to efficiently operate within your practice management system. We can craft and sequence an effective and productive schedule for your practice.

Insurance Verification/Authorization

Failing to verify patient eligibility is a common cause of dental claims denial. By insurance verification and obtaining procedure authorizations before a patient’s visit, you can ensure swift reimbursement. Our verification checklist at Atlantic Billing Solutions is both comprehensive and customizable.

We can gather verifications for a wide range of information, including:

  • Effective coverage dates
  • Dental procedure codes
  • Waiting periods for specific procedures to ensure coverage
  • Plan type and fee schedules
  • Maximums and deductibles
  • Required documentation
  • Last date of service
  • Contact information for claim submission: phone number, address, payer ID, and fax number
  • Coverage percentages by category
  • Coverage details for procedures like tooth implants, tooth grafting, crowns, cleanings, and build-ups
  • Frequencies for panoramic and full-mouth x-rays
  • Missing tooth clause

By entrusting Atlantic Billing Solutions with insurance verification, you can enhance the efficiency of your billing processes and reduce the risk of claim denials.

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management is a critical metric for assessing your practice’s performance, representing the outstanding amounts owed. Unresolved claims can impede your cash flow, making it essential to monitor AR closely to gauge the effectiveness of your dental billing and AR management processes. When you outsource dental billing services to Atlantic Billing Solutions (ABS), you can expand your practice while we take care of your dental billing and accounts receivable.

ABS provides proactive support to enhance your collections, including:

  • Precise Eligibility Verifications
  • Accurate Translation of Dental Services into Billable Codes
  • In-depth Coding Expertise encompassing CDT, CPT, and ICD-10 code changes
  • Thorough Code Accuracy Review
  • Minimization of Codes to Mitigate Fraud Risk
  • Implementation of a System for Timely Claims Follow-Up and Payment

Our comprehensive services also involve:

  • Claim Accuracy Review before Submission
  • Clean Claim Validation
  • 30-Day Claim Follow-Up
  • Examination of Denial, Rejection, and Low Payment Reasons
  • Patient Balance Follow-Up
  • Daily Accounts Receivable Review

With our expertise in medical billing for dentistry, we can help maximize insurance coverage for your patients.

Filing and Processing Insurance Claims

Insurance companies have diverse requirements and submission criteria, which can be quite intricate. At Atlantic Billing Solutions, we remain at the forefront of industry trends, coding updates, and dental claims submission and billing regulations. Our comprehensive, end-to-end services are fully HIPAA-compliant, ensuring the optimization of your billing operations, claims processing, and efficient management of claim denials.

How Does Dental Billing Function at Atlantic Billing Solutions?

We acknowledge that the idea of dental billing may seem daunting at first. However, we aim to assure you that we streamline the process for your convenience. How do we achieve this?


We carefully listen to gain a comprehensive understanding of your practice’s operations and the challenges you encounter. This enables us to provide tailored recommendations for optimal solutions.


Once we’ve pinpointed the problem areas and challenges within your practice, we will develop a robust plan to address and enhance them. A well-crafted strategic plan is fundamental to achieving success.


We will present this plan to you. Engaging in a meaningful discussion about the plan and receiving your input is vital to ensuring that we have addressed all the areas of concern comprehensively.


Our approach is to seamlessly integrate with your business. We will collaborate closely with your office staff to enhance the efficiency of the entire billing process.


The dedicated billing manager assigned to your practice will maintain regular oversight of the work and be available to address all inquiries. We will conduct progress reviews through monthly meetings to ensure transparency and accountability.


We understand that medical billing must evolve to align with ever-changing federal regulations and insurance policies. At Atlantic Billing Solutions, we are committed to ongoing innovation to assist you in staying compliant with these evolving requirements.


What distinguishes medical billing from dental billing?

  • Code Variations: Medical billing and dental billing employ distinct sets of codes.
  • Insurance Providers: Medical and dental insurance are separate entities, each with its own set of insurance companies.
  • Coverage Differences: Medical and dental insurance offer varying coverage and benefits.
  • Complexity Levels: Medical billing is typically characterized by greater complexity than dental billing.

These differences underline the importance of having specialized knowledge and expertise in both medical and dental billing processes.