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Industry standard benchmarks

The question from all medical groups and hospitals is how can one know and measure the rate of success resolving and getting reimbursed for pending accounts receivable. Well, the answer is simple: BillingParadise follows MGMA and HFMA benchmarks and also helps your hospital and medical groups to achieve the HFMA MAP award.

Our industry-standard benchmark and KPIs include:

50 or more A/R days = Below Average or Poor PerformanceIn healthcare RCM, billing, and collections, Atlantic Billing Solutions uses more than 7 KPIs, and our 15 KPI model keeps track of almost every corner of RCM processes, especially Accounts Receivables services.

  • A/R Days
  • First Pass Resolution Rate (FPRR)
  • Gross Collection Rate (GCR)
  • Net Collection Rate (NCR)
  • Percentage of A/R Older than 60 Days
  • Collections per Visit
  • Contractual Variance

AR Package

We offer customized A/R Packages to suit the individual needs of hospitals & clinics.

AR Process

The core fundamentals of our A/R process is to guarantee practitioners get paid correctly and in a timely manner.

Old A/R Recovery

No matter how old the ageing buckets, our follow-up goal set is to collect the monies upfront in as little time as possible.

Health Systems

We helps to grow revenue and maintain positive cash flow

Group Practices

Automate and standardize medical billing & RCM processes with our feature-packed, user focused RCM tools.


Complete revenue cycle management and operational support that is built from the ground up for you